Movement In Mind
for Parkinson's

A group for the mental and physical wellbeing of people living with Parkinson’s
facilitated by Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Shirley Brocklehurst

Difficulties which affect the body can also make the mind react, often resulting in unexplained physical symptoms and a sense of exhaustion. These therapy sessions focus on the body and its sensations, offering a chance to re-calibrate, refresh and restore.

Our sessions are rooted in a therapeutic process called Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) which uses body awareness, movement, and creativity to engage the body's natural resources for wellbeing.

We welcome referrals from service partners and health practitioners, as well as enquiries from individuals. To find out more, please call 07760 428554 or email

Members of Parkinson's UK can attend this group
and any session in our wellbeing programme for a monthly subscription of
£14 per month

Please call 07760428554 for registration and booking
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